The Hope Fund has been established to support the Hope Project

The Hope Project is a ministry of Grace Bible Church of Menifee, California. For the glory of God, Grace Bible Church exists to make faithful followers of Christ. But how do we connect with people so that we have the opportunity to share the Word with them? We live in a world that is broken and suffering. Not only do non-Christians live in the midst of these difficulties, but each Christian does as well. This gives us common ground for ministry. The goals of the Hope Project are:

  • To equip our pastors for the best possible ministry of the Word, particularly regarding the brokenness of this world.
  • To equip our church family to love and serve others with the Word.
  • To faithfully love and serve those who are hurting in our church family.
  • To offer hope for the hurting in our community in an ongoing and accessible way.

The steps to achieve those goals are:

  1. Training in personal discipleship and counseling for our pastoral staff and church family, including biblical counseling certification
  2. Producing Bible study resources that are specifically designed to bring God’s Word to hurting people. These studies will be utilized in our community, then made available for churches around the world. For more, visit The Restore Study.
  3. Offer one-day community seminars and conferences addressing themes related to God’s hope in brokenness.

For more details and project updates, visit The Hope Fund Updates

In the long term, our desire is that the Hope Fund would help make it possible for Grace Bible Church to obtain its own meeting facility in our community, where studies, community seminars, and counseling could be provided for our community at any time. We estimate that $100,000 will be needed to begin taking firm steps toward a meeting facility.

The Hope Fund exists to make these things possible.

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Hope in a hurting world

A 4-part series of messages from one of our pastors

You can help!

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